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Ships and cranes in Falmouth harbour, Cornwall, at dusk.

Setting Up a Business

Cornwall: A gateway to the UK market.
Expand and grow in the UK and international market with a skilled workforce, lower costs and unique financial incentives.
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Talent & Skills

In Cornwall, you’ll find varied and unique talent – and high levels of staff retention. Learn more.

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Financial Support

Cornwall has the financial support options to take your business to the next level. Find out more.

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Cornwall has a wide range of funds just waiting for innovative businesses. Explore the region’s opportunities.

Satellites and wind turbines at Goonhilly Space Port, Cornwall.

With Cornwall’s superfast broadband, your business stays connected to the rest of the world. Learn about our business infrastructure.

Inside Nixon design studio with wooden beams and a large window.

The spaces you work in matter. Find your dream premises in Cornwall.

Wooden panelled building with wind turbine in the background.
Lower Operating Costs

Cornwall’s lower operating costs enable you to reach your growth potential and thrive in your sector.

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Find out how Cornwall Trade and Investment can help your business.

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View all News & Events

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Whether you’re looking to locate in Cornwall, or to start exporting beyond its borders, get in touch with our friendly team to talk through your needs.

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