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Cornwall House

June 9th – 12th, Falmouth University

Cornwall House is an exhibition telling the story of how, within a rural economy, the region’s innovative, creative and emerging sectors hold the answers to some of the biggest questions world leaders are asking.

The exhibition focuses on 5 key areas highlighting the sectors and opportunities which position Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly as a leading region in the green and digital industrial revolution.

Cornwall House Evening Events


Showcasing three investment-intensive sectors that form Cornwall’s ‘Clean Growth Trinity’.

Geo Resources

Cornwall’s rich mining heritage is being reinvigorated following the discovery of additional tin, tungsten and copper resources along with an abundance of battery grade lithium in both hard rock and geothermal brines. With projects tapping an almost infinite geothermal energy resource beneath our feet and the sustainable development of critical metals, these projects can and will establish Cornwall as the UK’s clean growth powerhouse.

Floating offshore wind (FLOW)

Global Floating Offshore Wind (FLOW) will play a significant part in the global fight against climate change, however industrialisation and scale up needs to be accelerated in order to meet global net zero targets. Sitting at the heart of the European Offshore Renewable Energy resource areas, including the UK’s world leading offshore wind market, Cornwall is playing a leading role with colleagues across the UK and beyond in driving this acceleration. Over the next decade, Cornwall’s Atlantic seaboard and the Celtic Sea could lead the world in the installation and operation of multi-megawatt Floating Offshore Wind.


Cornwall’s space sector has grown 164% since 2010 and is playing a major role in enabling the region’s future sustainable economy and ambition to be carbon neutral by 2030. Spaceport Cornwall will achieve the UK’s first sovereign satellite launch when Virgin Orbit launches from the site in 2022, with additional operators to be announced soon. The world’s most capable satellite ground station, Goonhilly Earth Station, is advancing technology in big data, AI, and machine learning, as well as supporting missions to the moon, mars, and beyond. Space underpins many other sectors, £360bn of total UK GDP is supported by satellite services. These services provide environmental intelligence data vital to combatting global issues such as climate change. 


Presenting the best talent, leading Cornwall’s manufacturing and creative sectors.

As a maritime region with the longest coastline of any UK county, the marine environment and geological makeup of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly has forged a people of world class ingenuity stretching back through history and taking us into the far future. Cornwall’s expert skills, inventions and manufactured products are to be found across the globe with exports which bring £367 million into the economy. 

Cornwall is the UK’s leading creative economy – our culture and creativity are at the heart of our region’s identity. Dispersed right across the 3,563 square kilometres of Cornwall’s eclectic geography and landscapes, our creative ecology includes everything from tiny multi-purpose venues, more than 70 museums, the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site, renowned festival and performance sites and our phenomenal archive at Kresen Kernow. It includes thousands of people who work as freelancers, in micro business and cultural organisations and who are in demand across the globe. 

Our unique culture, heritage and language underpin a strong brand with international recognition, giving us a distinctive edge in an increasingly globalised world. Today’s diverse creative community, built on the powerful legacies of internationally acclaimed artists such as Barbara Hepworth and Daphne du Maurier, and coupled with a fast growing screen tech sector, Cornwall has the potential and ambition to drive innovation and boost productivity.


Showcasing products and businesses across Health tech, Agri tech, Launchpad,
Innovate UK and Aerospace.

From the skies above to deep space communications we are at Cornwall House during G7 to shine a spotlight on Cornwall’s capability in space, data and related industries –  showcasing how businesses are using satellite data and the region’s tech capabilities to help overcome local and global challenges, such as climate change, pollution and deforestation. 

At the forefront of the UK’s developing space economy, Cornwall is on the way to becoming the UK’s primary communications and satellite operations centre. As the space and satellite industry in Cornwall continues to grow, so too do the region’s AI capabilities. From edge AI for manufacturing, to AI algorithms being developed for mining exploration and AI analytics being used to unlock satellite data for business transformation – Cornwall is home to a unique mix of companies tapping into the mutually beneficial relationship between the two technologies.

It’s not only space exploration where Cornwall is leading the way. The region is a center for growth of the UK’s Uncrewed Aerial Service market, taking businesses to the skies to test and develop their products. During the past year key launch operators, such as Windracers and Flylogix, have been trialling the UK’s first UAV flights for freight and medical services – delivering much needed supplies to the Isles of Scilly from the mainland.

Join us to discover why Cornwall is the home of innovation in the UK and explore successes in Agri-tech, Health-tech, and the environmental sectors. Learn how the UK’s innovation agency Innovate UK is supporting innovation in the region and the amazing work of Launchpad, a venture studio embedded within Falmouth University. 


Featuring the best of Cornwall’s leading food and drink businesses who export overseas.

From luxury brands to more humble delicacies, an emphasis on ethical and sustainable production has given Cornwall a worldwide reputation for high-quality food and drink.

Whether it’s the iconic Cornish pasty, or some of the region’s fresh sea food you’ll find a sample of Cornwall’s food and drink sector in most corners of the world – with aspirations high to spread the reach, ever further afield.

The Cornwall House Food & Drink Export Zone represents a tiny snapshot of Cornwall’s 350 food and drink producers, a third of which currently export – with agricultural output contributing a significant amount to the £900 million a year export value of the region.


A showcase of photography and visual arts highlighting the natural world.

Marine and Natural History Photography

Falmouth University is home to the unique BA(Hons) Marine and Natural History Photography course. There are two major forces driving sustainable impact globally – the science and the storytelling. Broadcasters, image makers and storytellers are taking science and translating it through visual content, completely recalibrating public indifference to climate change and transforming the way we think about the environment and climate change.

Cornwall Wildlife Trust

Cornwall Wildlife Trust is one of 46 Wildlife Trusts working across the UK. With the invaluable support of  volunteers, members and corporate supporters they manage over 50 nature reserves, including an island for wildlife and people in Cornwall. They also work with other organisations and landowners to protect and connect wildlife sites across the county and inspire local communities and young people to care for wildlife where they live.

Play Station 

Falmouth University Games’ Academy is ranked as one of the best places in the world to study games. Undergraduate and postgraduate students and researchers who specialise in Artificial Intelligence, immersive technologies, games, computing and robotics create real games and digital products using world-class studios and equipment.  

You have the opportunity to play some of the games that have been created at the Academy in Cornwall House.

Cornwall House is open 9th – 12th June 2021 9am – 5pm

Falmouth University, Wood Lane, Falmouth TR11 4RH
As part of Cornwall House we are hosting exclusive evening events

By invitation only – Cornwall House will play host to three exclusive evening receptions with canapés by Chef and Restaurateur Paul Ainsworth and his team.

Our programme includes three evening film screenings, 5.30pm – 9pm:
Evening events are by invitation only, please contact to enquire about booking your place.

An evening with Jo Ruxton – Founder of Ocean Generation

Join us Thursday 10th June, 7pm, for a behind-the-Scenes look at making the Netflix documentary, A Plastic Ocean. With food provided by Michelin starred chef Paul Ainsworth.

Join Screen Cornwall for Behind The Postcard

Join Screen Cornwall on Saturday 12th June, 5.30pm, for Behind The Postcard, a film about the creative & cultural industries made specially for the G7. With food provided by Michelin starred chef Paul Ainsworth.

FILM SCREENING: Join us to watch the BAFTA award winning BAIT

Join us on Friday 11th June, 5.30pm, to watch the BAFTA award winning BAIT. A 2019 British drama film written and directed by Mark Jenkin. With food provided by Michelin starred chef Paul Ainsworth.

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