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Cornwall’s largest game studio sets out plans for massive growth

Following its recent acquisition by Toadman Interactive, Antimatter Games is gearing up for unprecedented growth. MD Rich Barham explains what this means for Cornwall’s largest games studio – and why he wouldn’t be based anywhere else.

Released to overwhelmingly positive critical and player reviews, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam was among 2017’s most celebrated online multi-player shooters.

But its developer, the Falmouth-based Antimatter Games (AMG), hasn’t rested on its laurels. Instead, Cornwall’s largest game development studio has negotiated its strategic acquisition by Swedish studio Toadman Interactive – a deal that was completed earlier this summer.

Over the next few years, this will lead to a $5-10 million investment in AMG’s operations and offices.

Antimatter logo

A potential £30 million boost to the Cornish economy

Such substantial Foreign Direct Investment will clearly have a transformative effect on AMG. But it’ll also have a transformative effect on the local area, bringing jobs, prosperity and growth.

Indeed, AMG’s acquisition has the potential to deliver over £30 million in added value to the Cornish economy. “We are pleased to see Antimatter Games expand its UK footprint,” says Bjorn Axelsson, Senior Investment Adviser at the Department for International Trade in Sweden, “This shows the strength of the UK’s creative industries and is a testament to the attractiveness of Cornwall as a region.”

St Piran's Flag

A new era for Antimatter Games

For AMG itself, the acquisition means an opportunity to substantially expand its team while drawing on Toadman Interactive’s deep expertise in games industry marketing and business development.

But, as Managing Director Rich Barham explains, there’s a more profound reason AMG is thrilled to belong to its new parent company.

“Being owned by Toadman Interactive means we can build games based on our own IP, with full artistic control. And that’s a vital step on our way to becoming a world-renowned studio.”

83 game still

Building a world-class game development studio in Cornwall

Barham has a track record in delivering exactly this kind of success story; prior to the launch of World of Warcraft, he helped build Blizzard Entertainment Europe from a team of four to a team of over a thousand.

During a career which has also included leadership roles at both Bethesda and Riot Games, Barham has found himself based in LA, Paris and Copenhagen. But he’s always wanted to live in Cornwall, and believes the Southwest of England is an attractive prospect for many in the gaming industry.

“There are a lot of people who don’t want to spend two hours a day on the Underground because they can’t afford a house closer to work.” says Barham. “Being in Falmouth, we appeal to those people – experienced industry professionals who are ready for a healthier work/life balance.”

AMG’s commitment to delivering this balance is clear. The company offer flexible working hours and dog-friendly offices – and, as it seeks larger premises in the Falmouth area, it’s looking for a location with the space for a company gym.

Gylly Beach Falmouth

Expanding the Antimatter Games team

Since it was founded in 2013, AMG’s focus on employee wellbeing has helped it recruit and retain a 21-strong team, bringing together both industry veterans and enthusiastic young graduates.

To meet its ambitious growth targets, AMG is now hiring once again – in earnest. As it seeks to more than double its headcount over the next 15 months, it will be advertising everything from graduate roles at the living wage, through to senior roles commanding extremely competitive, highly paid salaries.

“We’re looking for people who’ll be a good fit for our culture,” says Barham, “but also people who know that Cornwall is where they want to be, long-term. Antimatter Games has an incredible staff retention rate and we want to ensure it stays that way.”

If you’re interested in applying to AMG – or you know someone else who would be – you can view the company’s current vacancies here.

Gaming studio computer

’83: Bigger, better, and built in Cornwall

The first task for AMG’s expanding team? Make good on its ambition to deliver a game based on its own IP – namely, the ‘cold-war-gone-hot’ themed ’83.

Building on AMG’s deep experience in developing online, multiplayer military shooters, ’83 promises to be the studio’s most expansive and ambitious project to date.  The comments on the game’s announcement trailer, which has more than one million aggregated views, reveal the high levels of anticipation already building among fans of the genre.

83 the game still

 Drawing on local networks

For any game development studio, it’s not just hiring the right people that’s key – it’s having access to the right infrastructure. “Cornwall’s superfast broadband network has enabled us to stay in the county,” says Barham, “even as our business and our ambitions have grown.”

Today, AMG is also keen to make strong connections of a different kind. “We’d love to drive even greater collaboration within the Cornish technology sector,” says Barham. “We can make experiences and simulations as well as games, and we’re always delighted to hear from local organisations who need our skills.”

If this has made you want to know more about what Cornwall has to offer, please get in touch with the CTI team today.

We all know about the beautiful countryside, the lifestyle opportunities and the stunning coastline – but Cornwall has so much more to offer than that. Once businesses arrive and begin working here, a huge wealth of benefits become clear – many of which the companies never anticipated.

Here are five surprising benefits that businesses new to Cornwall, quickly discover and grow to love.

#1) Connectivity

Rolling hills and rural environments don’t exactly conjure up images of reliable high-speed broadband connectivity – but in Cornwall, that’s exactly what you’ll find.

Cornwall’s Superfast Broadband connectivity reaches over 95% of the region, including 30% of Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) connections, making it the world’s largest rural fibre broadband network. With speeds of up to 330mbps, it’s enabling tech businesses to achieve amazing things from anywhere, with FDI Intelligence calling the region “among the most connected locations in the world”.

It’s had a huge impact on businesses like BAFTA nominated UK Animation Company Spider Eye. Empowered by Cornwall’s incredibly strong connectivity, they moved their whole business from London the most westerly town in Britain, St Just.

Nixon at laptop

#2) There’s a real culture of collaboration

One of Cornwall’s major selling points that we’re always telling people about is its collaborative community. Businesses here like working together – it’s the reason we’ve seen the natural emergence of renowned industry clusters, and powerful peer and networking groups like Software Cornwall.

But Cornwall’s culture of collaboration runs even deeper than that. There’s open communication between all kinds of organisations including; business, academia and public sector – something that just makes doing business here easier.

When New Zealand-based Agritech company Agricultural Biosecurity Services moved operations into Cornwall, Director Michael Ross said “When it came to getting funding, the process was extremely simple here. Everyone involved spoke to each other, so everything was sorted with just a couple of meetings.”


#3) Cornwall is becoming a convergence point for great digital talent

With three major universities developing a wealth of specialism and attracting relevant businesses to Cornwall, the region is quickly becoming renowned for digital excellence. From individual creatives that have the option to work from anywhere, to new companies looking to base themselves right at the source of great emerging talent. Increasingly businesses from the UK, Europe and beyond are choosing Cornwall as a base for their operations with the ability to attract both local and international talent.

Josh Neve of Falmouth-based creative CGI agency Sanders Studios recently remarked “Years ago we had to focus on attracting talent down from London. Now, largely thanks to the universities, there’s a good supply of the skills our business needs locally.”

Falmouth University

#4) The lifestyle and environment make it easier to hold onto great talent here

Of course, finding great people to help grow your business is just part of the battle. Once you’ve sourced talent with the right skills, you need to keep hold of it as your business grows. Fortunately, being in Cornwall helps make that easier.

For many people, being able to do something they love within a region like Cornwall is a huge benefit. Here, a huge range of people find a lifestyle and location they love, alongside the same great career prospects that they could find in a more urbanised area. So, when they find a job they’re fulfilled and engaged in, they stay.

For Penryn-based Radix Communications, this has been a huge advantage. The company has grown consistently over its 10-year history, while only ever saying goodbye to two employees – an incredible rate of retention in any industry. Managing Director Fiona Campbell-Howes says “by giving talented people the chance to develop professionally in a place they love being, Radix has achieved a level of retention that none of us ever really thought possible.”


#5) You’re closer to the city (and Europe) than you might think

Nestled right in the South-West of England, it takes a long time to get from Cornwall to London, Right?


With Cornwall Airport Newquay and Exeter Airport serving the region, fast direct flights are available that can get you to London in just over an hour. Plus, a huge range of major European locations can be reached in just a couple of hours.

There’s also an extremely robust rail infrastructure in place, operating fast services to the rest of the country all day, every day. So, however you prefer to travel, you’ll quickly find that Cornwall feels a lot more connected to the rest of the UK and European business environment than you might expect.

plane taking off

If you’d like to discover more great reasons to start doing business in Cornwall, or if you’d like some help exploring the opportunities available in the region, we’d love to hear from you. You can contact the Cornwall Trade & Investment team here.

Who are TigerX?

TIGERX is a visualisation studio, creating bespoke CGI / VR imagery and video for their clients. “What we’re doing is create advertising imagery really. The difference is that CGI is our tool. It’s about selling the dream.”

TIGERX was born in Hayle after Dougie Cross and his wife came to Cornwall on holiday and never left. Four sons later, they’re still here, two of their boys are now sponsored skateboarders travelling the UK on the professional circuit and the company is thriving. As for the name? “Tiger is what my dad used to call me as a kid,” Mr Cross said. The ‘X’ is cross which is my family name. It kind of stuck as a name but it also gives us great flexibility. It doesn’t pigeon hole us but while we’re known as a visualisation studio, it allows us to pursue whatever revenue stream we want.”

TIGERX employs 10 staff from designers, to people with backgrounds in architecture and gaming. Mr Cross said the gaming courses available at Falmouth University are increasingly delivering young people – especially young women – with the skills and know how needed by the growing industry.

“Traditionally it’s been difficult to recruit, but that’s changing and now we see more and more CVs from local guys and girls who have come out of gaming courses at Falmouth University. We’re pushing our skills and new technology because there is so much competition. It means the onus is on us to push for new markets but then again in 15 years we have not lost a single client and we’re winning new ones all the time. Our aim is to go into the hardware business so we sell the full package to clients. The VR, the technology, the full after sale care and maintenance. The lot. It is a brave new world for us.”

Falmouth Univeristy

What do they do?

The visualisation studio is increasingly moving into the virtual reality world,providing immersive walk throughs for clients keen to show off their waterside luxury apartments to prospective buyers. TIGERX is adopting techniques and technology from the gaming world too with live rendering the key to giving clients the most realistic experience possible – even though nothing they see is real.

“These things are always a bit faddy at first, but when you look at the considerable investment going into VR from the big boys like Facebook, Google or Apple, we know we’re on the right track. 3D probably had three false starts but look where it is now. It’s the same with VR. There is always this aspect of having someone having to put on goggles, but with what we do it puts clients in the driving seat. An image maybe very nice but VR puts people inside that image. It gives them a true sense of scale. You can add sound, touch etc. It’s about taking people from where they are into another environment without them leaving their office or living room.”

Sea waves

The company is also creating immersive training programmes for the offshore oil industry so drilling companies can train staff on virtual oil rigs before they are taken out to the real thing. It saves exploration companies a vast amount of money and improves staff’s knowledge with the equipment they will have to use in the real world. “Forewarned is forearmed,” Mr Cross added. “That’s the idea. We’re also developing way-finding solutions for people with mobility issues to help them navigate their way around a building like a train station.” The next stage is full interactivity in term of information access and real life shopping via the virtual world. Think Ready Player One,the recent Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi blockbuster or Second Life, the 3D virtual world where users can create, connect, and chat with others from around the world – but in full VR.

TIGERX has worked with interior designer Philippe Starck on projects showing off new apartments kitted out in the famous French designer’s style. It has also worked with the National Trust, the Mansell group, aeronautics giant BAe Systems and closer to home, Tate St Ives. Right back at the beginning it was tasked with creating imagery of what the new Tate would look like and how well it would blend with the rest of the seaside town. “The project in Dubai is about selling a lifestyle. They’re trying to sell a reality that could happen but actually doesn’t yet exist. From our office right here in Hayle we help them do just that.”

To find out more about how Cornwall can be the best location for your digital business, get in touch today. 

To read the full original article, visit Cornwall Live.

Today’s employees expect their workplace to be a good cultural fit, dynamic and inspiring with a purposeful focus that benefits both their business and society. For businesses based in Cornwall, the balance of work and play is part of their DNA – recognising that personal development and a healthy lifestyle is integral to retaining a happy, productive workforce.


A pioneering region with a strong legacy of invention and adaptability, Cornwall is home to some of the world’s most exciting ventures. Clusters of likeminded businesses operate in a vibrant community ranging from disruptive challenger brands to Deep Space satellite networks accelerating the pace of global communications. Across the burgeoning tech landscape from health to agriculture, collaboration and cross-fertilisation of ideas are part of workplace culture, engaging and attracting a highly motivated pool of professionals who are making the most of Cornwall’s unparalleled work/life opportunities. 

Businesses in Cornwall actively recruit emerging talent from some of the best Universities, producing skilled graduates across a wealth of specialisms. High calibre jobs attract an international talent pool drawn by the unrivalled lifestyle and huge potential for career enhancement. Agile excellence is at the core of Cornwall’s tech sector, with clusters of forward-thinking businesses developing next generation global solutions. World-class connectivity at both work and home, coupled with high-profile events such as Agile on the Beach (attracting delegates from all over the world), provide opportunities to network with professionals across a variety of industries, spurring collaborative opportunities and strengthening business relationships – putting Cornwall’s businesses at the forefront of their sectors.

Supporting this is a collaborative relationship between business and education, ensuring that work based learning and development is up-to-date and industry-led – future proofing the next generation workforce.

Office meeting

Support finding talent

For over a decade, Unlocking Potential has been helping people and businesses grow by harnessing knowledge, expertise, and relationships to create connections and networks of opportunities. With dedicated recruitment support and a highly successful track record, Unlocking Potential assists ambitious businesses throughout Cornwall with their search for skilled, talented people to join their workforce.

Falmouth University

With over 5000 students, Falmouth is one of the top specialist creative multi-arts universities in the country.  Renowned for ‘rethinking convention and out-thinking challenges’ the courses at the Falmouth and Penryn campuses are designed to catalyse research and innovation at the forefront of fashion and design, music and film, gaming and theatre.  


The University of Exeter

One of the UK’s top ranking universities and named the University of the Year 2015/16 by The Times, Exeter is a hub of globally connected research programmes. Its reputation is reflected in the world-class calibre of its international faculty staff and student body.  

Producing 18,000 graduates per year, the University of Exeter (with a base in Cornwall) excels in science, academia, government and law, journalism, arts and sport.


Plymouth University

With over 23,000 students, Plymouth University supports over 80 partnerships in more than 30 countries collaborating on research projects, knowledge sharing and the exchange of ideas. Courses include dentistry, robotics, agricultural sciences and marine engineering with a plethora of others across multiple disciplines.  

The Cornwall College Group

Supporting over 35,000 students each year, The Cornwall College Group is the largest education and training provider in the region, with over 2,000 following university courses.  In the last ten years over 10,000 apprenticeships make the group the most successful provider of work-based learning in the South West.

Cornwall flag

Truro & Penwith College

Rated Ofsted Outstanding Truro & Penwith offers academic, vocational and skills based courses with flexible structures.

Cornwall’s higher education communities deliver a pool of highly skilled talent joining a motivated international workforce empowered by an exceptional digital infrastructure.

A vibrant, creative culture, breath-taking scenery and mild climate contribute to an enviable quality of life, recognised by a business community which is focussed on employee wellbeing. With next generation, collaborative business opportunities among world market leaders, the result is a high staff retention rate and a creative workforce motivated not only by operating in likeminded clusters but by the personal satisfaction of being part of a society with a balanced lifestyle ethic.

Coast path run

For organisations considering expanding to a new location, Cornwall has a huge amount to offer. In this article, three companies who have expanded into the region talk about the many reasons to choose it as a secondary business location, including:

Read the article to learn about the experiences of King’s Service Centre, Smart Working Revolution and London Pain Clinic, and to find out how you can get help to expand your business into Cornwall.

What do companies look for in a new business location? For some, it’s all about lower operating costs. For others, it’s the opportunity to tap into specialist talent pools and knowledge networks. And for forward-thinking businesses, it could be the chance to give employees a better quality of life in a beautiful natural environment.

Few places in the UK can offer everything on the list. But a growing number of businesses are finding all this – and much more – in Cornwall.  We talked to three companies that have recently expanded into the region.


King’s Service Centre: delivering world-class IT support from Newquay

A 10-minute drive from Cornwall Airport Newquay or step off the train at Quintrell Downs station, a few miles inland from Cornwall’s rugged north coast and a short walk will bring you to Quintdown Business Park.

Since 2015, this purpose-built office complex has been home to King’s Service Centre (KSC), the IT support operation of King’s College London. Here, a 120-strong team provide 24/7/365 days a year technical and operational support to more than 30,000 students and 8,000 staff at King’s.

King’s is one of London’s most central universities, with four campuses bordering the Thames and one at Denmark Hill, South London. So what brought its IT and operational support teams to Cornwall?

“Our aim is to provide a world-class service to support the university’s strategy, Vision 2029,” says Gareth Wright, Director of IT Services for King’s and Managing Director of King’s Service Centre. “We took this as an opportunity to explore other avenues, due to a high dependency on contract staff in London and the availability of office space to enable the co-location of our IT Support team. Our objective was to create a sustainable support model that would deliver high quality customer service to the university and would address those challenges.”

A veteran of business relocation projects at News Corp and ITV plc, Gareth realised his native Cornwall had a huge amount to offer the King’s IT team, over and above its considerably lower property costs.

A sustainable pipeline of IT skills

When researching the business case for establishing a service centre in the region, for example, he was quickly able to dispel one of his initial concerns: the availability of skilled professionals to deliver both general and specialist IT support.

He identified that there were already people fulfilling similar roles in Cornwall-based organisations, and that there was a strong talent pipeline emerging from vocational IT courses at local schools and colleges – including the Cisco Network Academy at Treviglas Community College in nearby Newquay.

Today, King’s Service Centre works closely with Cornwall College, Newquay Tretherras School and Treviglas to create high-value apprenticeships across a range of IT specialisms. That’s helping to build a sustainable pipeline of skills, not just for King’s Service Centre, but also for other businesses in Cornwall’s blossoming tech sector. For the second year running Cornwall was singled out in the 2018 Tech Nation report for its “impressive growth”.

Super-fast fibre broadband enables collaboration and flexible working

For a remote support operation that’s working daily with customers in London, connectivity was another key consideration. Cornwall’s fibre broadband infrastructure, rolled out across the region under the ERDF-funded Superfast Cornwall programme, makes it possible for King’s Service Centre to provide support and attend meetings remotely using Skype and videoconferencing. It also enables King’s Service Centre to connect to JANET, the high-speed network that connects the UK’s higher education institutions.

And because the fibre coverage extends to more than 95% of addresses in Cornwall, the benefits aren’t just felt at the office.

“That connectivity means our staff can work remotely as well, using Skype, Microsoft Teams and Office 365 to collaborate and get work done” says Gareth. “Work-life balance is a big consideration for us and Cornwall provides the best of both worlds in that respect. That’s definitely a factor that contributes towards happy staff and a great working environment.”

A local support network like no other


For any business seeking to set up an operation in a new location, the availability of local support can make a huge difference. Gareth describes the support available in Cornwall as “unique”, citing the help he received from Cornwall Trade and Investment and other organisations to connect with local recruitment agencies and to negotiate the planning process for the Quintdown Park premises, among other initiatives.

Funding secured through Cornwall Council’s arms-length economic development company also helped with setup and recruitment costs, in turn helping to deliver the results outlined in the business case.

“There’s a fantastic support network in Cornwall to make these business cases happen” Gareth says. “It’s fair to say that without that network in place, the business case wouldn’t have proceeded.”

The right location to deliver on the King’s mission

King’s College London now benefits from a skilled and committed IT and business support team that has had space and scope to grow as the university has expanded. A team that in London was dispersed across five locations now works from a single building in Cornwall, where the open-plan environment fosters collaborative working and problem-solving, further improving the quality of service delivered.

Gareth says. At the same time, the university has been able to reassign the freed-up space in London for teaching and learning, enabling it to provide additional valuable facilities to improve student experience.

Three years on, King’s Service Centre continues to expand the team and deliver additional services from Cornwall, creating more efficiencies for the university and more skilled jobs in the local economy. Its current plan is to expand the team from 120 to 140.

“King’s has a mission to be in service of society, and we’ve been able to fulfil that here,” says Gareth. “By investing in apprenticeships and creating new jobs, we’ve been able to provide opportunities for people in Cornwall who don’t want to have to relocate to Exeter, Bristol or London to develop an IT career with an enterprise the size of King’s.”

Smart Working Revolution: tapping into Cornwall’s customer service culture


A little further down the coast in St Agnes, Ruth Gawthorpe, director of flexible working consultancy Smart Working Revolution, also sees huge potential in Cornwall for businesses looking to expand to a second location.

Like Gareth Wright, Ruth has identified an exceptional talent pool in Cornwall. But while KSC is tapping into the region’s rapidly-expanding pool of IT professionals and tech students, Ruth is thinking of the thousands of locals who spend their summers working in Cornwall’s hotels, restaurants and shops, but who struggle to find employment once the summer visitors have gone.

Customer service skills in abundance

 “There’s a wonderful wealth of customer service skills in Cornwall,” she says. “They’ve been honed around tourism, and people in that industry are in full-on customer service mode for six months of the year. The skills they’ve developed are marvellous, but for the other six months of the year they’re just not used. Businesses could be tapping into all of that capability”.

Cornwall’s customer service culture will seem especially attractive after Brexit, Ruth says, citing a 2018 report from Mercer Group that suggests organisations in London and the southeast will have a hard time finding young talent when the pipeline from Europe closes.

“London will be the most affected by the fact that we won’t have as many 20-35 year olds coming from Europe to take up jobs,” she says. “At that point, organisations are likely to go out to the regions and try to source people.”

But that may be a challenge too far for organisations that can’t offer the kinds of benefits that will attract people to move to the capital. “Councils especially are really going to struggle, because they can’t afford to increase wages,” Ruth says. “Plus there’s an ageing population in London that needs to be serviced, which exacerbates the issue.”

Create work in areas where the talent is

Radix Communications Cornwall

A former HR director with a track record of implementing phenomenally successful smart working initiatives, Ruth is on a mission to encourage organisations to think differently about work, people and skills. She suggests an alternative solution: instead of trying to attract talent from the regions, organisations should think about locating operations in the areas where the talent already is. And for any function that relies on customer service, Cornwall offers the right skills in abundance.

“All kinds of businesses could benefit from this model,” says Ruth. “A council that needs to service an ageing population in London could maximise its frontline capabilities by basing its back-office operations, or its customer service centres, in Cornwall. Telecoms businesses and financial services companies could easily do it.”

Even some jobs that have traditionally relied on meeting face to face could be done remotely in Cornwall, thanks to the region’s high-speed communications infrastructure. Ruth cites Pushdoctor, a service that offers online GP consultations via videoconference, and suggests that the NHS could offer similar services nationwide from Cornwall. That would allow it to benefit from lower overheads while offering clinicians a more rewarding work-life balance.

London Pain Clinic: remote admin support for the UK’s leading pain consultants

One healthcare business already benefiting from a second location in Cornwall is London Pain Clinic. This Harley Street clinic is home to some of the UK’s leading pain medicine consultants, who manage chronic pain for patients across Europe, the UK and the world.

That expertise is in high demand, leading to an increase not only in clinical staff, but also in the back-office operations that support their work. But while its consultants have to be in London to meet face to face with patients, the company identified that many of its support operations did not have to be physically co-located with them to be effective.

 A new approach to administrative support

“The medical team work directly out of Harley Street, but the administration – including practice management, medical secretaries, administration, customer services and marketing – is all done remotely,” says Janice Rose, Managing Director at London Pain Clinic. “We’ve expanded the business into Cornwall with the aim of growing a team here to help sustain and drive the business forward.”

London Pain Clinic

While one reason for that model is to avoid what Janice calls “the cost-prohibitive nature of having office space in central London”, she’s keen to stress that lower overheads are far from the only reason for locating the clinic’s support functions in Cornwall.  “When I was looking into setting up in Cornwall, I was actually surprised by how many benefits the county has to offer – including some I hadn’t expected,” she says.

A community of like-minded people

One of those things is the ability to tap into the knowledge and expertise of other businesses. London Pain Clinic has set up its operation in a new development, Mor Workspace in Newquay. Here, the space has been specifically designed to foster collaboration between tenants, with co-working spaces and special events that make it easy to connect and network with others.

“We’ve been able to integrate with a ‘ready-made’ community of like-minded people,” says Janice. “That provides countless opportunities to bounce ideas around, and the ability to collaborate with other local businesses and take advantage of the skills and expertise in the region.”

Connectivity and talent make Cornwall an attractive location for healthcare businesses

London Pain Clinic has also been able to take advantage of Cornwall’s broadband connectivity and extensive transport links.

“I frequently travel to London to meet with the medical team, and Cornwall Airport Newquay is perfect for that. There are three flights a day to Gatwick, and the commute from Newquay to Harley Street only takes an hour and a half, door to door,” Janice says. “We also benefit from the superfast broadband on a daily basis – it was a huge draw in attracting the business to the region, as it allows us to easily engage with clients in the UK and overseas.”

Like Gareth Wright and Ruth Gawthorpe, Janice has also been impressed by the quality of the workforce in Cornwall. The region is home to a fast-growing community of businesses that are operating at the cutting edge of healthcare, from software startups to medical device manufacturers, and Cornwall’s collaborative culture means that knowledge, skills and expertise are continuously shared and augmented.

“There’s no shortage of talent here,” Janice says. “We have huge ambitions for the future, and we’re excited about being able to grow the team in this location.”

Find out more about locating your business in Cornwall

Businesses like King’s College London, Smart Working Revolution and London Pain Clinic are expanding operations into Cornwall every day. To learn more about what Cornwall has to offer, or to enquire about help with your own business, contact the Cornwall Trade and Investment team.

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